Do as you please but be prepared to face the consequences of your actions. Selfish actions will always bring negative results. That is a good rule for your whole life by the way. It is complicated to say the least and made more complicated for those with medical issues by those who challenge the no mask no service mandate just because they are pissed off being told what to do. So you ask what about my medical condition that I can’t wear a mask. Well, you have some protection but there is a proof of burden and also if your request not to wear a mask is seen as a danger to employees or customers the business has a right to deny you service. You don’t have the right to endanger other people. If you believe or don’t believe that masks help that is your personal opinion and really personal opinion only matter to the person making it or those who think like they do. #selfless #healordeal #healthy #covid19 #masks #civilrights #commonsense #compassionate #facemask #myrights

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