Uniquely You

Embrace who you are, celebrate how you express the divine essence of the universe through you as you.
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External reflects internal

To live a life you are happy with you must find happiness within. If there is chaos inside it will manifest perfectly in your world as easily as peace within. Why do we tend to give power to the negative so much more than the positive?
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Why did you start?

Something deep inside you motivated you to start. You were moved to create this for yourself so no outside influence should have the ability to stop what is truly internal. So ask yourself was is spirit or ego that made me begin?
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Go Beyond

Smash the limits you set for yourself. You create the world around you every day by making choices and setting your intention, so the only limit is what you are ready to accept. Don’t sell yourself short.
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Stay Consistent

You are the commander of your life. No one knows better than you what is best for you or how your life best works. So the only approval or feedback you need is from yourself. What works for other people might not work for you and visa-versa.
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It’s not about forgiving the situation(s) or even the person(s) involved. It is about you, always about you. Forgive yourself for being in the situation(s), for staying too long, for not knowing better, for things beyond your control. Then move
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Self Love

You can’t pour from an empty cup because there is nothing to give. Just as you can’t give real love from a place where no self-love is present. Love given from a place of self-love will never deplete you or run
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