Positive thinking

Don’t give in toCopy of 26 Corona Virus - Made with PosterMyWall the negative it weakens your body, mind, and spirit. There is always something to be joyful about.

Don’t Socially Disconnect.

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Social interaction via digital means is important right now, even an old fashioned phone call.
Isolation from your support group is not healthy.
We don’t need to SOCIALLY DISTANCE ourselves from each other, we need to PHYSICALLY DISTANCE ourselves from each other, BIG DIFFERENCE.

Fear brings misery

Fear kills your common sense affecting your ability to see things as they truly are in the moment.

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Don’t social distance yourself from your blessings.

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Control Confuses

Not every situation requires your control. Many things are moving along as they should even if you can’t see the perfect end result. Let go and let
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How would you answer these questions daily ? If you are having trouble with some of these questions reach out to someone and talk about what those answers might look like. Feel free to share this with anyone. newthoughtcommunity positivethinking spirituality wellbeing
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A loving touch, a kind word, warm embrace all these things mean the world to a child. My heart aches each day for those children detained at the border ripped from their family for no reason at all. Who will look after them during this pandemic?
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