Responsiblity In Mentorship

2b6ec3793f5820bd57452db8580d37f7The relationship between a mentor and a student has always had certain understandings. These understandings have always been about mutual respect and support. In a modern world, many of these understandings for better or worse are lost. This is, however, no excuse.

The responsibility of a mentor is to support your path, to allow you to experience your journey as you wish. A mentor should be first and foremost humble after all your mentor is still growing and learning. A mentor should help you discover what it is you are seeking not mold you into an image they think you should be. A mentor can offer advice and perspective as you move forward while at the same time having compassion at a distance, allowing you to grow in your own way.

When a mentor tries to define you or give you defined rules on how you represent yourself or do your work this is more about their ego and limitations. You may journey your path as you choose and represent yourself as you choose and be fully ready to accept the ramifications of your choices. A mentor may caution you by sharing perspective and experience but should never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, you are after all an adult.

The student also has responsibilities in this relationship. A student should be open to new ideas, put forth an honest effort in trying to embody what they are being taught. A student should not be too quick to disregard the classic teachings to quickly as they have worked for 100’s of years so there is surely value in them.

Understand your responsibility to honestly and respectfully represent your lineage. If you pick a mentor to journey with you must invest time and effort with that mentor alone until you both understand you have learned all you can. 

If neither of you is willing to make a lifelong commitment then the mentor and the student are not ready for their perspective roles. Be honest with yourself about what you are willing to invest.

Francisco E. Alvarez, Curandero
Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master


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