Mexico-Tenochtitlan stood thousands of feet up on an island near the shore of lake Texcoco. Most estimates of the population of the city are around 200,000 people.
The people of the city would often call it Mexico (mesheecoh) and at times Mexico Tenochtitlan. If referring to themselves they would say “Tenocha” which means a resident of Tenochtitlan. Residents of Tlatelolco were “Tlatelolca”.
One hypothesis suggests that the origin of the name Mexico Tenochtitlan is
Tenochtitlan which is the place of “Tenochtli” the prickly pear fruit.
Then Mexico is said to mean “the town in the middle of the lake of the moon”
The name Mexico is supposed to come from the Nahuatl words Meztli which means means the moon and Xictli meaning navel or center of. The neighboring Otomi people called the city “anbondo amedetzana.” Abondo is Otomi for prickly pear and amedetzana is in the middle of the moon.
Another legend suggests that Huitzilopochtli possessed a secret name, Mextli or Mexi, and that Mexico would mean land of Huitzilopochtli, or place of mexi.

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