You’re not alone

Sharing this Facebook Post by Naomi R Hendrix of RawFresno. Remember no one is ever alone help is all around us if we only ask with an honest desire for change. Reach out and someone will take your hand.

Naomi R Hendrix at RawFresno.


If you have not heard the story of Hurley Thompson here it is: 10 years ago this man use to walk past my house as he would pick up my recycling and others in the neighborhood to pay for the space he rented in someones garage to sleep in…just a few miles away. Overtime as we saw him week in and week out and got to know Hurley, I would ask him to lift heavy objects in the yard as I worked with my vermicompost and odd jobs as I was soaking nuts & sprouting for us daily. I would feed him and/or pay him a few dollars for his help. As the years went by the time he helped me extended. I always told him, “Hurley, just let me know how else we can help you, we are here for you”. So, one day he asked for help, he said he needed a program to go through to show the court system that he was getting his act together. I offered to help, I asked him to watch a documentary called ” May I be Frank” this is a true experience of the son of owners of “Cafe Gratitude” Matthew & Terces Engelhart that helped a man FrankFerrante detox from Cocaine & lost over one hundred pounds and get his health and life back. Hurley watched it and agreed to sign a contract with himself and us to stay in our house for 42 days, after a 10 day juice cleanse and the remainder of his stay learning the Rawfood/Vegan lifestyle and becoming Clean & Sober. Today this man rents a comfortable room inside the same house he use to sleep in the garage, He has purchased a brand new vehicle this year with good credit on his own, he has been the Secretary of his 12 step group he attends to this day regularly since the beginning, he works 3 partime jobs including as one of them and today he graduated from Fresno City College with a bright future of accounting. It’s been 5 years since February 13, 2012 when his New life began. I am proud to say Hurley is one of my closes best friends I have ever had in my entire life thus far. I love you @hurley thank you for coming into our lives would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for you!

We continue to persevere for the cause. And believe through Love & Clean Food (plant-based diet) you can heal all ailments. Help us help others learn and succeed.

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