The Longer You Stay

isolated-youthMost of the time it is not one single impactful act that causes the damage in your life. It is the length that you are exposed to that act. How long you stay in the situation either because you can’t find a way out, don’t know there is a way out, or you live there emotionally for years after it happens. Sometimes it is easy to remove yourself from the situation and other times it is not.

What should be foremost in your mind once you are safely removed from the situation is that you are making progress on an emotional level and not reliving the situation over and over. Having physically removed yourself but keeping your mind there is like still being there completely. There are always people who can help you during and after, you don’t have to move forward alone but you do need to move forward. You deserve to be happy.

Francisco E. Alvarez, Curandero
Twitter @Curandero4


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