Can I Get A Witness?

can-i-get-a-witnessI have heard it and said it, “I just want someone there to witness my life.”
Sometimes we get lost in the idea that only one person can witness our life, that it has to be that one intimate partner that is to witness us being here in all our glory no matter how joyful or ugly it can be at times.

Look beyond that idea and consider that we share intimate parts of our life with friends and family. We have a community witnessing our life and as is the custom at the end of our life they all come together and share the person that they knew thus completing our wish of having our life witnessed in all its facets.

We are too grand and too interesting for one person to witness us, it takes a community.

Thank you to Gina Hutchings and Teri Liddle for perspective, love, and joy on my journey.

Francisco E. Alvarez, Curandero
Twitter @Curandero4

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