Pray in the right context

Prayer is not about pleadingprayer-worship-900x540
Prayer is not about begging
Prayer is not about bargaining
Prayer is not about conforming

Prayer is about a positive constructive partnership between you and the Universe/creator/God for a better life and world. Prayer is about having the right thought and the correct statement and expectation. The Universe/creator/God only says yes to what you think and put into the creative medium.

Every thought is answered with a yes, every prayer is answered with a yes. The only limitation is how much you believe you deserve or are able to receive.

If yes is the answer to every thought and prayer then be careful what you think, proclaim or make statements about your life and yourself because even the negative ones get a yes answer.

The Universe/creator/God does not distinguish between good or bad that is an indivigual concept, what might be good could be bad for another and what might be bad for you could be good for another.

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