No Shadows Without Light

There can be no shadows without light. We hear about the shadow self, the darkness we experience and how we must look for the light or find our way to the light. The light is always there and constant, it just happens we face the wrong direction when we see/experience the shadow or darkness.

Our own light cast a shadow, so we are never without light, what we are is off course and not going in the right direction. The fix is simple “STOP” and just turn until you see the light and continue in that direction.

What about this shadow/darkness. While it can seem so insurmountable or daunting to get back to the light, this happens because we keep heading further and further into the shadow or darkness. This is why we are here for each other, why we have a spiritual family or circle. We are not to judge or preach but to hold space and get that person to stop.

We are to hold space and get that person to stop and realize they have just taken a wrong turn and help them find the right direction. We never do this by following them further into the shadow or darkness, we hold our ground in the light and hold space in the light inviting them to deal with or figure out what they need to in the light of the divine. No one will ever see what they need in the darkness and shadows deceive, healing and progress only can happen in the light.

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