Is it dark?

13418542_10202308645672940_4105461760306272612_oThe darkness can seem overwhelming and insurmountable but this is just a perception because the darkness like the light is only what we make it.

The darkness can be a time to go inside rest and renew your spirit and your resolve. What do you do with darkness? Stop and disconnect, Turn off the social media, make a plan to replenish your soul with good food, reading and nature.

Sometimes the darkness comes from an unhealthy place either externally or internally in the way of actions, words, and thoughts. This is when the darkness is unhealthy  and counterproductive.

So what do you do with this type of darkness? You first stop what you are doing notice the darkness and say “Stop, end of this story,” then you replace the negative with four positive statements or truths about the false condition. You don’t have to dispell the darkness you just have to change it’s energy to a positive vibration.

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