Driving is a partnership

seven-driver-types_london-school-of-economics_01Everyday there is a chance to grown and affect the world around you. My friend gave me permission to share her post about affecting change.

Most of you will not know that I have been, for as long as I can remember, a total asshole driver. Yesterday I had the realization that if I want to change the way I am in the world, I have to change the way I am when I drive. I spend so much time driving that I have gotten a lot of practice being an asshole, and I’m ready to start practicing something way more joyful. So I just drove to the Bay Area beaming love to everyone the whole way:
We are all in this together, moving along in this river of beings toward our destination.
I love you all.
I support you in your journey.
I wish you freedom from all attachment and aversion.
2.5 hours of that.
I feel like a freakin miracle right now.
This is changing my life already.

By Kellie Townsend
June 10, 2016

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