They’re Beside Us

healthy_feet We follow in our ancestor’s footsteps. They are not behind us or in the past, they are beside us as the example of the path we must follow.

Our ancestors learned the best way to live in unison with the universe and left this knowledge to us so that we did not struggle as they did, but to many times, the newer generations think they know better because things are different and technology has advanced. The basic function of how to be in balance with the universe and your surroundings does not change. The order of the universe is set by divine spirit to work in perfection if we follow the rules of nature.

So look to your ancestors for guidance and embrace the new only if it improves your balance with the universe. At some point, our ancestors leave this reality and they are not left behind nor are they gone at this point they walk beside us giving us guidance as we become the elders leaving the right footsteps for the next generation to follow.

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