Take Healing Into Your Own Hands


Have you ever wanted the ability to treat yourself at anytime and anyplace discreetly for physical or emotional issues? Then Reiki Level One delivers just this right into your own hands.

The first teaching of Usui Reiki focuses on self-treatment and healing. You will be able to generate and allow Reiki energy to flow freely through you. You will learn Usui Sensei’s energy scanning technique, Takata Sensei’s hand patterns for treatment, and our own unique teachings which covers the basics of energy management. After completing this level, you will be using Reiki on yourself daily, and you may use Reiki on close family members, friends, pets and plants to assist in their healing process.

No prior experience needed to enroll!

Shoden – First Teaching

Next Class is 3/05/2016

9am – 5pm in Fresno CA

$150.00 Register Here


Sacred Light Reiki Classes                                               Sacred Light Reiki on FaceBook


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