Do you Celebrate or StReSslebrate

Do you Celebrate or “StReSslebrate” during this time of year?
Topic 1 Cultural/Religious Stress

Many of us fall into the trap of mass media telling us the only way to truly be happy during the holidays is by spending more money than we have to be able to spend quality time with family or else we are less. LIE LIE LIE

Many of us fall into the trap of religious expectations of why we must celebrate or we are not a good “Insert your religion here” in some other person’s eyes.

Keys to release stress
Do your homework. Why do we celebrate around this time of a calendar year?

Well let’s look at these two months Nov. and Dec. This is a time to celebrate the harvest and bounty we worked for and we give thanks to “insert your higher power here” for the blessings. So we have feasts with all the bounty and all our tribe “Thanks Giving” in the USA.

Winter comes closer so many people celebrate the Winter Solstice and we gather inside on the longest night of the year with family and with shared food to keep each other company and safe in the harsh long night.  We know the Winter Solstice is Dec 21 thanks to the Mayan’s and their calendar but in the rest of the world it was thought to be any time from the 24 of Dec to the 8 of Jan.

This puts the “Christmas” celebration on the 24/25 of Dec. So we now see how the doctrine the pressures of these times have been so so that you allow yourself to stress for celebrations that have really simple origins and meanings.

It’s about being thankful for what you have and who you have that makes you happy not the external things or the amount of material things.

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