The Afterlife

a-portal-to-the-stars-lifeThe afterlife:

Many questions people have about the afterlife have to do with wanting to know if their loved ones who have crossed over are okay.

Those seeking answers tend to look for signs from their loved ones in their daily life or seek out mediums to contact them. In all cases the messages are cryptic or vague in general, with some key insights that ring true to the person seeking a message.

Mediums will tell you that they have to decipher the messages given to them by spirits because the messages are often limited and disorganized. Why is this so? Well, imagine a case in which you lose a loved one and when you ask to know how they are doing, you are given full contact to them in the afterlife. If given full access, you would be able to see and feel the immense amount of love and joy in the place they now exist in, and thus, living out your life in this reality would become nearly impossible. You would long to escape the pain and hardships of this world to be with them in this divine place, existing in pure love.

This is when you must have faith and understand that continually seeking out information about how they are doing will only distract and distance you from the little signs and messages they leave for you. Being the essence of pure love, they understand that you need love and support, but they also understand when you are no longer living your life because you are too distracted by grief and preoccupied with seeking answers. They know that continual contact from them will only bring more grief for you in the long run.

Process as you must but keep moving forward my friends. Know that your loved ones are at peace, happy and in no more pain. They are closer to you and watch over you, always giving you unconditional love. Have faith and let your mind be still, remember the joy of their lives and you will soon feel them around you.

Love and Blessings Francisco E. Alvarez, Curandero

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