The Scared Drum

The drum is a powerful instrument. Indigenous people throughout Turtle Island refer to it as the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  It is used in many spiritual and sacred ceremonial practices.  Some say the beat of the drum has the power to change natural elements, including the weather.  It is believed to have the power to heal sickness, and some believe it has the power to send messages both to the animal world and to the spirit world… Native Peoples Magazine

They day the storm came!

I had just bought my drum on the Navajo reservation and my friends and I headed to Sedona the next day.  It was a beautiful sunny day as all the other days prior and to all expectations the rest of the week would follow suit, being in the upper 80’s and sunny.  Well that would soon change as we made our way to Bell Rock in Sedona, me Sedona Drumwith my drum in hand.  Finding a rock to sit on I began to drum, getting lost in the song the drum had to sing at Bell Rock.  Once I was done we all looked at each other and said wow something just happened.  Happily we explored Sedona and as the afternoon was coming to an end we started back to Laughlin to our hotel.  Soon the skies got dark and everyone joked I had brought a storm with my drumming, we expected rain but the rain did not come,  Instead a heavy snow came, covering the road before us.  We turned on the radio and heard that this was a completely unexpected snow storm that caught everyone off guard.  They could not remember a storm like this covering Sedona AZ to Laughlin NV, especially in summer… Francisco E. Alvarez, Curandero

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