You will never find the meaning to life. You must give it meaning, just as you must give and do give meaning to things that happen around you each day.

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Your Own Hero’s Journey

heros journey diagram (1)Inspired by Joseph Campbell

Each person’s personal development must encompass the full spectrum of life. You must go through the rough waters to find the calm ocean, weather the storm to see the sun and go through the darkness to see the light.

Going on this journey as only a spirit is being a ghost not connected to anything or anyone. Going through this journey with no emotions as a body then you are just constantly decaying.

Going through this with both spirit and body and you go as a human being, that is the hero’s journey. In this hero’s journey you will pass through all spectrums of life and only by doing that can you fully realize your own existence.

Joseph Campbell stated, “Each time we depart our homes (our comfort zone), we enter a field of unlimited possibility for growth and redemption.

When following your bliss be careful to examine what it is that will best suite how you express this journey.

It is not a sign of a weakness or strength if you wish not to advertise or express your inner struggle to others, it is perfectly fine to handle your own business. Many people choose to quietly walk their path because it is right for them.

It is also not a sign of weakness or strength to advertise or express your inner struggles, many people choose to let it out in order to gain perspective and gather tools from counseling with friends and professionals.

The actions you take and how you conduct yourself while taking your hero’s journey reveals all. Only you know the best way to go on your own adventure as the hero of your own life.

Francisco E. Alvarez, RScP

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Shapping our future

qq0cvqx“I have read somewhere of an old Chinese curse: ‘May you be born in an interesting time!’ This is a VERY interesting time: there are no models for ANYTHING that is going on. It is a period of free fall into the future, and each has to make his or her own way. The old models are not working; the new have not yet appeared. In fact, it is we who are even now shaping the new in the shaping of our interesting lives. And that is the whole sense (in mythological terms) of the present challenge: we are the ‘ancestors’ of an age to come, the unwitting generators of its supporting myths, the mythic models that will inspire its lives.”

Joseph Campbell, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine (Copyright © 2013 Joseph Campbell Foundation), p.xiv