Reiki Classes

Usui Reiki Classes

Classes are conducted throughout the year, subscribe to this page and also to Sacred Light Reiki on Facebook to keep informed. 

See our Classes & Workshops page for current classes.

Shoden: Reiki level one class is all about self-healing. Prerequisite, None

Okuden: Reiki level two class gives you the opportunity to go deeper in your personal healing and also gives you the certification to become if you wish a professional Reiki Practitioner. Prerequisite, Shoden Reiki

Shinpiden: Reiki Level Three deepens your personal growth as a healer and you can if you choose, teach others the wonderful healing art of Reiki. Prerequisite, Okuden Reiki

Karuna Reiki®: Developed by Reiki Master Teacher William Rand after many years of study Karuna Reiki® allows you to access many levels of healing with both hand placements and chanting. Prerequisite, Shipiden Reiki