Curandero Services

Pláticas are a deep nonjudgmental conversation, that is often but not always multi-session, that are tailored to the patient’s unique situation, the goal is to gain understanding and bring out suppressed beliefs that need to be released to make room for new healthy and life-renewing attitudes. Pláticas attempt to get patients out of their heads into a process that moves them beyond that and into their hearts.
Fee $120 per 1-hour session.

Limpas are spiritual cleansings that can take a variety of ceremonial forms. It helps to clear the energetic body of the client and has been known to bring a sense of lightness, clarity, and wellbeing. Fee $50 per limpa

Curo de Susto a soul-retrieval ceremony reclaims aspects of ourselves we have repressed through the susto created by life’s trials and tribulations, such as injury, violation, or trauma. Through this process, the curandero guides the patient back to balance, allowing more full soul expression. Fee $60 per session

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