#Repost @dontcallmerev • • • • • • Meal time blessing: Thank you for this food and all the hands it passed through to get to my table. The farmer who harvested the seed. The one who sold it. The one who planted it. The one who watered and tended it. The one who harvested the fruit. The one who loaded it. The one who drove it to market. The one who unloaded it. The one who stocked it. The one who sold it. All the ones who I’m not even aware of, dearest beloved, bless them all, for it is because of them that I eat and have life. Amen. The first time I heard my dear mentor say this prayer I was in awe of the simple, yet beautiful recognition of all the hard work that goes into the humble carrot on my dinner plate. Many USA grown fruit and veggies are grown solely in California, which is quite literally in flames. Yet there are thousands of workers in the fields, with minimal safety protocols in place, harvesting our food. Please take a moment and sit in prayer today for all those who are putting their life on the lines for our dinner. Blessing to all who feed the nation 🙏❤🙌 #cawildfires #feedamerica #farmworkersfeedtheworld Follow @dontcallmerev

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