#Repost @centralcoastcsl • • • • • • 18th century English author Thomas Troward, whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity, observed, “The law of flotation was not discovered by studying the sinking of things.” A great reminder that we cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it. If the problem is the sinking of things, we don’t need to analyze, praise, and become the sinking thing. We’ve got to become open and available to the possibility that there is a way to have things float. Our receptivity to something new provides the clearing for the revelation of fresh ideas. There’s got to be enough mental space to imagine something different. In our imagination, we are capable of co-creating magnificence. #RevElizabethRowley #RaiseTheVibe #CCCSL #Imagine #OpenToPossibility #AllThingsNew #TheGlobalVision #ThomasTroward #Float

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