#Repost @elemntsofspirit • • • • • • Elements of Spirit This speaks for me: A quote by Lakota medicine man John Fire Lame Deer “I am no wino but I am no saint either. A medicine man should not be a saint. He should experience and feel all the ups and downs, the despair and joy, the magic and the reality, the courage and the fear. He should be able to sink as low as a bug, or soar as high as an eagle. Unless he can experience both, he is no good as a medicine man.” “You cannot be so stuck up, so inhuman that you want to be pure, your soul wrapped up in a plastic bag, all the time. You have to be God and the devil, both of them.” “Being a good medicine man means being right in the midst of the turmoil, not shielding yourself from it. It means experiencing life in all its phases. It means not being afraid of cutting up and playing the fool now and then. That is sacred too.” – John Fire Lame Deer #elementsofspirit #purveyorofmagick #EOSmagickshop #nativewisdom #awarriorspath #spirituality #2020awakening #coyotemedicine #apachebruja #elderspeaks #elderswisdom #medicineman #medicinewoman #indegenous #medicinewheeljourney #spiritualgrowth #shamansknowledge #shamanism #BirthsFire #gypsyluna #awareness

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