7 years ago seems like 100 years ago that I graduated and became a Minister. I started this journey with a remarkable group of friends who passed no judgement or expected anything from each other. This wasn’t a class of just book learning but a class of soul-searching, of breaking down your misconceptions of yourself and the world around you, of healing old wounds and creating new opportunity to grow. It’s been a year after graduation and I have not stopped doing what I learned in class, questioning everything and myself also, applying my moral compass and seeking feed back from those in my class. If you are open to all possibilities you can continue to learn what is best in your life and how to achieve that in divine right order. I’m grateful for all the teachers who challenged me and also allowed me to just come apart as I put things back together in the right order. I’m grateful for my classmates who just held space and shared their honesty in all of my Classes over 6 years. The journey continues, but I am well-equipped for anything that comes to pass. #ScienceOfMind #ernestholmes #minister #spiritualconnection #newthought #empowerment #spiritinrebellion #reverend Follow @casadelcurandero

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