Take responsibility for your blessings. #Repost @anoka_tribalknittings • • • • • • ~ Gratitude ~ Look around you and open the eyes of your consciousness. Observe and feel, Listen to the silence Give thanks to the Universe for your breath, for the beating of your heart, for being in the eternal web of life. The abundance of the Universe is endless and the flow of it towards you depends on your state of mind, if you open yourself to receive it. Giving thanks for what we think are “simple things” is the beginning key. These simple things are the pillars of our existence, yet we have been told to take them for granted. That is a mistake, that is ego, an illusion. Wake up to the real thing… You are loved, protected, blessed, hugged even if you are not conscious of it. Thank you 🙏 #nativewisdom #ancestors #ancients #nativeamerican #wisewoman #woolwitch #oldtribe #tribal #gratitude #thankyou #namaste #clanmother #wildwool #remotepast #wildspirit

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