“You cannot heal the world until you heal yourself”

Happy Friday! It the last day of our conflict theme week, go back and check out the other posts if you missed them. We are going to end the week on what we believe to be the most important thing any single person could do. Heal yourself. A lot of conflict happens because of our own insecurities and fears. If you are truly confident and love yourself, you can keep your cool in some of the worst situations. It’s about having an inner peace and knowledge that other people’s anger isn’t about you, no matter how much they may want you to think that. Think about driving down the street, are you really mad at the person in front of you driving a little slow or are you mad at yourself for not scheduling your day correctly and for running late? This also goes back to taking responsibility for yourself. Self-healing doesn’t have to be complicated and it’s easy to start. Meditate. Keep a journal. Learn Reiki. Talk to a friend. Do Tai Chi. Pray. See a counselor. Read an empowering book. Anything works. The important thing is simply to start. We’ve had a few major moments on our perspective paths in life, one of the biggest for both of us was finding a spiritual home at New Thought Communityhttps://www.facebook.com/newthoughtcommunity. They spread the love to us and we’re spreading it out to the world! Have a great weekend everyone!

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