“How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours”

We’ve talked about staying out of other people’s problems and taking responsibility for your own (see previous posts if you missed them). Today we’re going to chat about Karma. First of all, I’m going to assume that you believe in karma (if not, that’s cool, keep reading anyway, it’ll be fun). Whenever something bad happens people want to throw karma back to the person who hurts them. At least once a week we hear from clients “oh I can’t wait for Karma to get them!” Sorry to break the news but it doesn’t work like that. You cannot wish bad karma on someone, and in fact, in doing so you are bringing bad karma to yourself. Plus you need to stop and think about the bad karma you’ve created for yourself to be in whatever bad situation you’re complaining about. Karma doesn’t discriminate, and treats everyone equally, so you’re actions come back to you just as it does everyone else. Check out the post tomorrow to see how to bring good karma into your life. Until then, want to learn more about yourself and how you operate in order to have more control over your reactions to situations? Check out our friend and students page Two Light Workershttps://www.facebook.com/twolightworkers?ref=br_tfthey offer Akashic readings and some of the best meditation techniques we’ve ever seen! (still spreading the love!)

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