“I am my problem but also my solution”

Yesterday we talked about withholding judgment without knowing both sides of every story and to stay out of other people’s problems. Today we want to address owning up to your own part of a problem. You, and only you, have put yourself in every single situation that you have ever been in, or will be in. Stop blaming others for your life. You are the only one in control. And if you feel you not, it’s because you’re not taking responsibility for yourself. Why would you let anyone but you dictate your life? Sure there are moral obligations to be kept, bills need to get paid, kids and elderly need to be taken of, but what about the rest of the time? Blaming someone else for all the bad stuff that happens in your life is giving that person the power over your life. Take it back! Be responsible for yourself and take control. Start working to fulfill your dreams and see your life blossom. And if one of your dreams is starting your own business, start here with our friend at Idea Emporium https://www.facebook.com/ideaemporium. (Spreading the love!)

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