“There are two sides to every story”

imagesThe last few weeks have been full of arguments and turmoil that we’ve witnessed from our clients, friends, and even family. Common themes keep coming up and we’re going to share an outside perspective on them throughout the week. Maybe we can blame it on Mercury Retrograde (find out what that’s all about on our friend and students page: Astroscopes https://www.facebook.com/astroscopes ) but this week our goal is to spread some love and positivity, and in the process give a few shout outs to some of our students and friends pages. (See how I already snuck today’s in?)

Today let’s start with old adage “There are two sides to every story”. I’d like to add to that…There are two sides to every story and they are both completely skewed. So many of the encounters we’ve had are from a 3rd party who isn’t even involved in the actual argument. They get pulled into someone else’s problem by a friend or family member and only hear an emotionally skewed version of events and never bother to get the rest of the story. Then they themselves get emotionally involved and start to build up anger, resentment, and any number of other negative emotions for something that they aren’t even involved in! So here comes the advice. Stay out of it. As best you can. Show your support, lend a shoulder to cry on, do whatever you do, but do not allow all those negative emotions to take over you. On top of that don’t immediately jump to judgment against the other party involved without knowing the whole story. The most important part is to remember that it’s not about you, and you have control over how it affects you. Happy Monday!

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