Ocean Drum Making Class with Vicki Dobbs of Sacred Wisdom Workshops

We at Casa Del Curandero had great time making our sacred ocean drums with Vicki Dobbs of Sacred Wisdom Workshops.
Visit her webpage and arrange for a workshop in your area they are amazing shamanic journeys. 

17 Finished Sacred Ocean Drums at New Thought Community Fresno Ca 2/15/2014
The class at work putting the goatskins on the gourds
Stapling the goatskin on the gourd being careful not to get my fingers
Symbols inside Krista’s Ocean Drum Gourd
The ribbon on Krista’s Ocean Drum
Krista’s sacred painting on the back of her Ocean Drum
Francisco’s Sacred Ocean Drum
Ribbon work on Francisco’s drum
Decorating the back of the Ocean Drum. Francisco
Tribal Dolphin
Tribal Turtle
Four directions color

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