Light stopped completely for a minute inside a crystal

Light stopped completely for a minute inside a crystal: The basis of quantum memo

Scientists at the University of Darmstadt in Germany have stopped light for one minute. For one whole minute, light, which is usually the fastest thing in the known universe and travels at 300 million meters per second, was stopped dead still inside a crystal. This effectively creates light memory, where the image being carried by the light is stored in crystals. Beyond being utterly cool, this breakthrough could lead to the creation of long-range quantum networks — and perhaps, tantalizingly, this research might also give us some clues on accelerating light beyond the universal speed limit. Read More Here.

Comment by Francisco E. Alvarez – Casa Del Curandero

It is amazing how the quantum world is all around us but yet so undiscovered by modern science. What is intriguing about this article is now for a majority of people there is tangible information that crystals can store information.

As you may or may not know there are people who explore the ancient crystal skulls that are coming to light recently and the ancient history of the Maya and other cultures around the world with ancient crystal skulls. The ancient history of the crystal skulls states that they are a storage system of knowledge left by the ancient ones for us to discover when it is time to save us and the planet.

Light is one source to uncover the information locked inside and vibration or sound the next key. Here in Fresno the first step was taken to bring light and sound together to access the knowledge stored in one particular skull named Einstein “The Skull of Consciousness.” during the Galactic Gathering of Summer Skullstice in 2013

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