6. Matter of Soul – Part 6 or 6 – Twin Soulmate (Twin Flame)

cdc_color shadowedWhat is a Twin Soulmate or Twin Flame? They are souls that at one point split from the same soul to create two souls that will journey on their own paths gaining knowledge and then coming together in other life times until they are fully ready to ascend together.
The reunion of Twin Soulmates has been known to be a rare event in the past. Many times only one soulmate will reincarnate while the other plays a role of spiritual support. Many life times can be spent finding your twin soulmate but with the recent changes in this new era of humanity it seems to become a more possible occurrence.
Soulmates can have many challenges in finding each other; some of the challenges are age differences, geographical location, beliefs, one already being in a relationship, etc. If they are lucky enough to overcome these challenges more difficulties will arise. When they first come together this union can be stressful and create chaos in each others life, literally the world itself is turned upside down from the reunion of their energies and the world is now seen with new eyes by both. It is if at last they are alive and participating in their own life fully.
Once they understand what is happening they feel like they are home; like they have always been with this person and know each other like no other, see each other like no other. Twin soulmates start to feel alive and empowered to do anything, no barriers are present.
Twin flames will incarnate for the purpose of helping each other ascend to the next level together. They mirror each other in a rare way. They are actually two mirrors each reflecting the others negative traits and positive traits. While at first the negative reflection can overwhelm the twin soulmates when they can finally see the positive reflection growth takes place at an expositional rate.

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