5. Matter of Soul – Part 5 of 6 – Soulmate

cdc_color shadowedSoulmates will cover a wide range of relationships in our lives. A soulmate can be a person with a deep connection with you, sometimes even as a partner or lover. This type of deep connection/love relationship soulmate can cross the lines into Karmic Soulmate. But let’s look at another level of soulmates these are less volatile and more fruitful pairings. There are friends who you have a relationship with on a purely friendship level.

THE COMMON INTEREST SOULMATE: These types are people are those you enjoy going to the game, shopping, hikes, running, etc. You usually find these soulmates while participating in a club/group that has a specific focus. Could be a gym buddy that helps you stays motivated or a member of your monthly book club you feel a special bond with or it could be your go to friend whenever a good concert is in town. Your souls share that common connection but other than that you rarely spend time together and the friendship never feels pressured or contrived. These relationships have the potential to last for a very long time assuming that you continue to share the same interests.

THE SUPPORTIVE SOULMATE: The soulmate who is your sounding board and is always there to listen, contact is mostly by phone or online. This may been a friend from high school who even though years have gone by and you live states apart, you know you can always count on them for support in times of need. It could also be someone who you’ve never met in person but have created a supportive relationship online whether it’s for personal or business matters. With this type of relationship you tend to keep only causal contact between times of counsel with each other.

THE CREATIVE SOULMATE: This soulmate is someone that comes together with you on a project and you share a vision and goal but you might have completely different lives outside of this project and that is what makes the process so rich. These relationships often form in a work environment where a task is assigned and you click so well together that the process is effortless. Or it could be as a result of a friend introducing other friends to collaborate on a project and everyone’s personal talents/knowledge all lend towards a complete/cohesive group. This is different from common interest soulmates in that the creative soulmates are usually together only until whatever project or task at hand is complete.

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