4. Matter of Soul – Part 4 of 6 – Karmic Soulmate

cdc_color shadowedKarmic soulmates are not always negative in a relationship but they can sometimes be difficult and they are always enlightening. 

KARMIC LOVER: Most love relationships are between karmic soulmates and can be either positive or negative in nature. The two people in this type of relationship have known each other in another life time or many life times. Most karmic soulmates have turbulent relationships as they come together to resolve past issues and in the process they can acquire more karma if they don’t figure out the lessons that need to be learned. In some cases one soulmate deviates from the old patterns and works to resolve all karma in one life and this makes it difficult for them to want to be with their karmic soulmate who has not resolved those issues. Karmic soulmates have many disruptions in their unions until they finally get the relationship started with mutual intent or sever ties forever. 

KARMIC COMPANION: This type of Karmic Soulmate is sharing a common journey in coming together to accomplish something in order to finish a task. These relationships tend to be mellow and stable. These soulmates have positive karmic ties and make good partners for family and to accomplish projects in life; but once things are accomplish these soulmates may find there is emptiness in the relationship, and they may part ways.

KARMIC TEACHER: This type of soulmate will be your most challenging as they see your full potential. They will challenge you every step of the way to excel in your life. This type of soulmate can be in your life for a short time or for your lifetime depending on what you’re here to accomplish. Don’t go under the assumption that this Karmic teacher needs to be older then you, it can be someone younger or someone your own age. If this Karmic teacher is to be in your life for a short time you will part ways naturally, painlessly, and without a second thought. Sometimes the same Karmic teacher comes in and out of your life giving you time to process the lessons you’ve shared.

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