1. Matter of Soul – Part 1 of 6 – Relationships the Beginning –

cdc_color-shadowed1.jpgMatter of Soul for those who might have missed it the first time, Share it with your friends and family feel free to repost.

I get many questions about how to find a good relationship. How do I find the right person or attract them? Is my soulmate out there and how will I know?

It has been said that to attract the person you want to be with you have to be that type of person. If you are not naturally that person you will be unhappy living a made up self for the sake of what you thought you wanted. It is better to love yourself first and discover who you are so that you attract the person who really sees you and hears you.

Never look for someone who is almost right and expect to change them to be perfect for you that will only lead to resentment. If you need to change someone to make you happy then the change really has to be about you because you are not taking a good look at who you really are in this life.

Be happy with yourself and you will soon attract those that are similar and who understand you. Understand no-one is perfect all the time and as they many times silently give you a pass on things that you do that annoy them because they love you so much you need to do the same.

Even your soulmate or twin soul (twin flame) will not be perfect because they are you and a mirror of you at the same time as you are of them. Also you must not mistake you karmic soulmate as you true soulmate or twin soul.

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