Indigos welcome I have been waiting to help you.

Hello Brothers and Sisters I am here for you. You don’t have to walk your path alone.

I am Indigo and Beyond. My name is Francisco Alvarez and I am a Curandero (Traditional Mezo-American Healer/Shaman). I come from Indigo parents and a long line of Indigo ancestors both paternal and maternal. It was foretold I would arrive an awakened Indigo child by my great grandmother before she transitioned into the next existence. I was lucky to have the understanding of who I was and what my unique qualities would be and at a young age I was taught and my gifts were nurtured. 

Are you an Indigo or do you have an Indigo child? Many Indigos have not been so lucky as I was and have had to struggle with their gifts alone. No matter what time in your life your Indigo side wakes up it can still be hard to deal with the feeling of being lost, not having a direction and not knowing how to handle all the information and feelings pouring in all at once. Being born an Indigo in a lineage of Indigos and being taught as a classic Curandero I am here to guide you on this path and your awaking. I have the Indigo vision and beyond, and the knowledge of what you are experiencing and will experience on this journey to full awareness. There is no need to walk alone, we are here and have been here waiting for this day.

What is an Indigo child or Adult?  Indigos are strongly independent, have a sense of purpose and direction, and have trouble understanding why others around them do not see the world as they do.  As children they approach the world differently and they expect to be treated as the enlighten beings they are.  This can be very challenging to say the least.


Indigos have had many names. Star Children, Children of OZ, Aquarian Children, Crystal Children and Psychics etc.

How did the term Indigo come about? Called by many names like Children of Oz, Solar Children, Crystal Children, Aquarian Children, etc. The name Indigo came about during the later part of the Seventies, a woman called Nancy Ann Tappe, an auric seer, noticed a change taking place in the color of Children’s auras. As part of her research and study she published a book in 1982 called Understanding Your Life Through Color. In that, is where the first mention of indigo children is talked about.

How long have there been Indigos? Well Indigos have been around for a long time. Many great healers, seers, and prophets in history are and were Indigos.

5 thoughts on “Indigos welcome I have been waiting to help you.

      1. I have done a lot of inner healing work. I am working with a coach now. – always looking to connect with others to support and be supported.
        Thanks for the note. It is nice to find you.
        Blessings –

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