Matter of Soul

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Matter of Soul – Part One – Relationships the beginning –

I get many questions about how to find a good relationship. How do I find the right person or attract them? Is my soulmate out there and how will I know?


It has been said that to attract the person you want to be with you have to be that type of person. If you are not naturally that person you will be unhappy living a made up self for the sake of what you thought you wanted. It is better to love yourself first and discover who you are so that you attract the person who really sees you and hears you.


Never look for someone who is almost right and expect to change them to be perfect for you that will only lead to resentment. If you need to change someone to make you happy then the change really has to be about you because you are not taking a good look at who you really are in this life.


Be happy with yourself and you will soon attract those that are similar and who understand you. Understand no-one is perfect all the time and as they many times silently give you a pass on things that you do that annoy them because they love you so much you need to do the same.


Even your soulmate or twin soul (twin flame) will not be perfect because they are you and a mirror of you at the same time as you are of them. Also you must not mistake you karmic soulmate as you true soulmate or twin soul.


We will begin to explore attraction and soulmates over the next couple of weeks stay tuned to Casa Del Curandero




Matter of Soul – Part Two – Get Real with yourself –


Who are you really is the question to ask before you seek who you want to be with. First you make three columns on note paper.


Column One is for things you believe to be true about you good and bad


Column Two is for things people say you are or think you are good or bad


Column Three for things you wish to be.


Now in column one really see if any of those things in that column are true about you. Be honest even if you perceive it to be a bad trait. Don’t let the ego make you believe the good ones that you are truly not.


Column two is were you will cross off things people think you are good or bad and you are not, search your heart be honest, when done move on to column three


Column three look at the things you wish you could be or want to be and be honest about how hard you are will to work at them and how many you truly can obtain.


From here on you will make two lists.


Now list all the things that are negative in your mind and look at them one more time see if they are truly yours and can not be changed. If they are yours then know them be aware of when these traits come up so you can control them not be surprised or ruled by them.


Now list the things you want to be or wish to become be honest don’t let ego trick you only keep the things you know you can be even if the work is hard.


Now from list one see how they impact list two. You must embrace those things that will impact list two because they will stop you from moving forward. Don’t be ashamed of anything you perceive to be negative only you will ever know what they happen to be.


The longer you lie to yourself about who you are the longer it will take to find the person you want. Even if your soulmate appears and sees you truly you will be to lost in yourself not to understand why they are so attracted to you and you will not see the values they have you really need in your life.




Matter of Soul – Part Three – What is a Soulmate?-

“Soulmate” is someone with whom you have a feeling of deep compatibility on levels like friendship, intelligence, love, or those that reflect your negative aspects thus being antagonist. The reason soulmates are seem so familiar is that they match the same vibration of your soul family.


Soul mates come in many types and they can have various times in our lives from a few months and year or a life time. They can be close friends, co-workers, teachers, antagonist or protagonist, anyone who influences your life one way or another.


All soulmates come into our lives for lessons we need to learn about ourselves and to in someway enrich your life even if the process is not always a smooth one.


We will begin to explore attraction and the types of soulmates over the next couple of weeks stay tuned to Casa Del Curandero

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